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with SermonView's event pre-registration system.

"Do I really need a pre-registration site for my event?"

Actually, yes, you do. According to research out of Harvard University and the Wharton School, making a commitment to a specific date and time for a task makes people much more likely to follow-through with the task. And an added bonus: gentle prompts of reminding people of the task they signed up for has an additional positive impact on their follow-through as well.

So your Relevant Seminars pre-registration site is not just for promoting your event, but for increasing your attendance too. At SermonView we’ve combined the best practices for a website registration system and a completely automated phone-based registration tree to help you connect with the people looking to attend your event in person or online.

When you work with SermonView, you get personalized marketing focus, access to the proprietary pre-registration system, automated event reminders to all registrants, and data integration with your free InterestTracker account.

SermonView's event pre-registration system is the proven solution for getting more people at your next event.

Event pages that drive pre-registration

We'll plug in all of your specific event information into your very own pre-registration site. This site will have small marketing touches throughout to increase credibility, build trust, and encourage seat reservation.

Simple, easy-to-use pre-registration forms

Our forms are single page, and are designed to decrease the friction you might feel when someone asks for your personal information. Only some fields are required, and phone number is optional with a text message opt-in option for convenient reminders.

Automated reminders

Upon form completion, a confirmation email is sent, letting them know you're "saving them a spot" at your event. Reminder messages are sent via email and text automatically before your event starts and will continue for each night of your series to encourage your guests' commitment to the meetings.

Matching multi-touch marketing resources

We use multi-touch marketing resources to reach more people in your community. Each matching resource directs people to go to your event site. No matter which method they see, they'll all be coming to this site to learn more and to register.

Hosting your event online?

All of our systems work for online events too. All communication includes links to your event check-in page. Want to provide a more interactive experience for your online guests?

Event Pre-Registration Landing Pages by SermonView increases communication and attendance for your events.

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