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Landing Pages

Landing pages are a key component to maximizing the success of an evangelism campaign. SermonView's intuitive, mobile-optimized landing pages are a proven and effective solution to getting more leads and quality interests from your direct mail offers, inbound marketing efforts, and Facebook ad campaigns.




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Upgrade to a Complete Registration Platform

Encourage interests to engage with your ads, respond to your offers, and register for your events within minutes.

Experience Higher Conversion Rates

Every landing page is optimized for higher conversions, making it easy to get more leads and higher attendance.

Generate Social Engagement

Get a compelling landing page that is designed to drive traffic beyond Facebook and through your doors.

Keys to an effective landing page:

  • Congruent anchor images
  • Relevant embedded videos
  • Immediate calls-to-action
  • Creditable speaker bios
  • Visible testimonials
  • Highlighted giveaway offers
  • Location details and directions
  • Targeted navigation

Web and Phone Registration

Getting people to engage with your direct mailer, take interest in your outdoor banner, or click on your Facebook ad is only half the battle. If you want people to take the next step of registering for your event, then you need an effective landing page. The SermonView team has spent over a decade fine-tuning the art of landing pages for churches.

Our proprietary, custom-crafted, cloud-based Event Pre-Registration Platform is designed to increase communication and attendance for your event. We'll plug in all of your specific event information into your very own pre-registration site. This site will have small marketing touches throughout to increase credibility, build trust, and encourage seat reservation.

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We’ve combined the best practices for a website registration system:

  Simple, easy-to-use pre-registration

Our forms are single page, and are designed to decrease the friction you might feel when someone asks for your personal information. Only some fields are required, and phone number is optional with a text message opt-in option for convenient reminders.

  Make Registration Easier, Faster, and More

SermonView's landing pages use the industry's best practices to encourage higher response rates and more registrations.

- Beautiful responsive layout
- Highlighted giveaway offers
- High-converting copy
- Strong, eye-catching cover art with focused offer
- Congruent anchor images
- Immediate calls-to-action

  Automated Event Reminders for Your

Upon form completion, a confirmation email is sent, letting them know you're "saving them a spot" at your event. Reminder messages are sent via email and text automatically before your event starts and will continue for each night of your series to encourage your guests' commitment to the meetings.

  Social Media Integration for Your Church

Your event registration site is yours to share. Landing pages include the ability for interests to invite friends and family via the “tell a friend” section. This feature allows them to cross-promote your event on any platform such as email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Personal invitation will always be the best form of marketing, so be sure to also share the unique URL on your church's social media account too!

Phone Tree Registration — with Transcribed Results

We understand that not everyone can fill out the forms online, so we make it easy for those who prefer to call in their event pre-registration. Our registration system utilizes numbers with your local area code, which we will assign to your particular event, so you don’t have to use your own phone number.

Our phone tree system has all your event details with friendly voice, and provides a clear process for providing registration information each step of the way. Responses are kept in our event database and is processed daily by a team member to ensure each response is carefully listened to and transcribed for you. Your phone registrations will join all of your online responses in one location, so the whole process is seamless for your team.


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Registration Platform

Phone and website event registration
Hosting up to 60 days
    • Event Registration Page
      Perfect for evangelism & bridge events
    •  Automated Email Reminders
    • Automated SMS/Text Messages
      Registrants receive SMS reminders
    •  Online Campaign Dashboard
      Real-time event information
      •  Social Media Invitations
        Automatically designed to match
      •  Interest Tracker Software
        Registrations are automatically added
      • Custom Toll-free Registration
        Automated registration platform

    InterestTracker Integration

    Track your event data in InterestTracker

    All of the personal information for each person who pre-registered to attend your event is automatically imported into your InterestTracker account. Follow up after each meeting, check in with them after a missed session, and connect with them after your series for ongoing study interest.



    Try SermonView's next-generation system for tracking attendance at your next online or in-person evangelistic meeting.

    The AttendanceTracker module integrates attendance tracking into your interest list, building on InterestTracker's cloud-based features like tags, interactions and profile pictures. This robust add-on makes it easy to check in your guests at multiple check-in stations, track the engagement of your guests, and create precise, easy-to-access attendance reports. Plus, AttendanceTracker is now optimized for online meetings so guests can check-in online and attendance is automatically added.

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    Text Messaging

    Communicate with your interests by SMS text message, using the new Text Messaging module add-on for InterestTracker.

    Send a message to a single interest or send a bulk message to multiple interests based on standard search parameters, like tags. Plus, you'll get notified when an interest responds, and you'll be able to view a complete history of the text conversation in their interest record. With the Text Messaging module, you have a powerful communication tool to increase interactions and improve engagement.

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    Interactive Sermon Viewer

    Now online can become personal.

    Start driving interactions with guests and build connection with your community. The Interactive Sermon Viewer allows your church to stream a meeting or event through your own personalized, web-based, video player that invites guests to connect with your team directly. Customize up to four interaction methods for guests to connect and make requests, through comments, questions, prayer requests, or a specific book or DVD offer. Add a link to download a nightly handout or printed lesson. Connect the player using the embed code from any streaming service: Vimeo, YouTube Live, Facebook Live or any other service. Builds on the AttendanceTracker check-in system for a complete online meeting solution.

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